Symposium Pricing & Registration

Choose between Symposium Residency experience, or, if you live nearby, or will stay elsewhere, our Symposium By Day. Both will be a great way to engage, learn, and create art and camaraderie, at a great all-inclusive value: $550 for Symposium By Day, and $950 for the Symposium Residency. Read on for more details!


Symposium By Day includes all the same ingredients as Symposium Residency, including two workshops (Tuesday and Wednesday) but excludes housing. Artists who choose Symposium By Day can join the group first thing Tuesday morning, August 2nd.

price for Symposium By Day (staying off-site) $550

price for Symposium Residency $900


SYMPOSIUM RESIDENCY INCLUDES HOUSING on the rolling 40-acre Kirby estate of Meryl Lebowitz and David Tanych. Accommodations are in a large hillside apartment, which has a great view and room for six artists to sleep, relax, and cook meals together. Tanych’s large-scale sculptures installed in fields and lawns add interest to artists who might include them in their landscape paintings. Lebowitz’s paintings adorn interior rooms. Century-old maples traverse the fields, and layers of green, blue, and buff create a path for the eye to find the horizon. Sunset is a great time to gather around the fire pit, watch the sunset, and take it all in. A plein air painter’s dream. Sound good?

MEALS are included. We will have groceries and provisions for guests to make their own breakfasts and picnic lunches. The main event will be our family-style evening meal to celebrate each day’s work, and nourish us for another day of painting. We have a couple of passionate cooks on the residency who will take care of cooking, and residency artists are welcome to help out each day. You may want to pick up a few food items, if you need anything beyond the high-quality provisions we’ll have on hand to share. Adult libations for our afternoon critiques, and evening gatherings will be BYOB. If you have strong food preferences, recipes you’d like to cook, or sensitivities, please let us know. We will accommodate you as best we can!

TWO WORKSHOPS (TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY EVENINGS) ARE INCLUDED. Additional workshops will be held on Saturday, but will be a la carte for anyone wishing to register.


ARRIVE the evening of August 1st. An informal meet-and-greet will happen for Residency artists, and the Symposium will start in earnest first thing the morning of August 2nd. Like most days in the Symposium, we will gather on the property for our first group painting session, over the estate and nearby vistas. Some days may involve a short drive to a great painting locale nearby. Lunch will be picnic-style, during the painting session. Later in the afternoon, we’ll gather for a sharing and critique session at home base. Between that and dinner, artists may choose to rest, paint some more, or have personal time. Workshops during the week will take place in the early evening, should you choose to participate. Dinner will be served around 7pm each day. Generally, we’d like to respect people’s need for quality down time, and observe “quiet hours” at the house from 9pm-8am. For night-owls, there is a great fire pit where further night time conversation can be had.

AN EVENING RECEPTION will be held at Satellite Gallery in Lyndonville on Thursday, August 5th, from 5-8pm for all participating as Symposium By Day or Residency Symposium artists. This is an opportunity to show (and sell) work, mingle with the local community, and celebrate the week.

DEPARTURE for residency artists is Friday 8/6 by 11am (for room checkout). Artists are welcome to find accomodations elsewhere, should they wish to come back on Saturday for more workshops.

TRANSIT TO AND FROM the Symposium is the responsibility of the artist. Airports recommended are Boston Logan (BOS), Manchester, New Hampshire (MHT), and Burlington, Vermont (BTV). A bus from Boston to Hanover New Hampshire is available via Dartmouth Coach. Please let us know if you are looking for carpooling or pickup from Hanover, Burlington, or elsewhere, as we may be able to arrange something.